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Editing Georges Dumézil’s Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty

As I’ve mentioned before, as part of the next big project, I am working on a new English edition of Georges Dumézil’s book Mitra-Varuna: An Essay of Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty. The book was published in 1940, and in a … Continue reading

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The Archaeology of Foucault update 15: submission of the revised manuscript and the end of the project

On Wednesday afternoon, I submitted the final, revised manuscript of The Archaeology of Foucault to Polity. I’d submitted the manuscript for review in February during Warwick’s reading week, and had two very positive and useful reports back at the end of March. … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault talk, the end of term and 3 million blog visits

Today I enjoyed speaking about the work that went into The Early Foucault with the Genealogy in the Humanities project (Syracuse University and Cornell University). Thanks to Alex Livingston and Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson for organising, and those who attended and asked questions. … Continue reading

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Indo-European thought in twentieth-century France – the next major project

Although the manuscript on Foucault in the 1960s is not complete, the end is in sight, and I hope to have most of it done by early 2022. That book will complete my four-volume intellectual history of Foucault’s entire career. … Continue reading

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