Foucault related texts needed – please help if you can

I wonder if anyone reading can help locate these texts by, about or connected to Foucault. Searches in multiple libraries have not turned up copies. These references are correct to the best of my knowledge, but obviously I’ve been unable to check to the actual text and am reliant on other sources. Any help gratefully received – email me or comment below.

G. and J. Verdeaux, “Le problème de l’activation des EEG en psychiatrie”, Arch. Inter. Stud. Neurol. [??], Vol 1, 1952, pp. 1-11.

Jean Delay and Georges Verdeaux, “Électroencéphalographie : Technique et Sémiologie”, Encyclopédie médico-chirurgicale. Système nerveux 7, 1957.

Harry Halbreich, ‘Jean Barraqué: Complete Works’, essay (1987) translated by Elizabeth Buzzard, in programme-book of 1989 Almeida Festival of Barraqué’s work.


At the Foucault Resources page on this site, and especially at the page on Uncollected Notes, Lectures and Interviews, there are lots of difficult-to-find pieces that I was able to locate, often with the help of readers of this blog. Thank you!

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