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Raymond William’s Keywords is a modern classic. Julia Lupton has alerted us to the interesting new Keywords Project that has some extra entries, a whole set of resources, essays, etc. One of their lists of prospective future words includes ‘territory’ – there … Continue reading

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The Birth of Territory reactions

Many thanks for all the kind words in person, by email, on the blog, or on facebook to the news about the publisher for The Birth of Territory. I also appreciated Teo Ballvé’s comments at Territorial Masquerades – One nice … Continue reading

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Companion to Critical Geopolitics

Gerard Toal has news of The Ashgate Research Companion to Critical Geopolitics, edited by Klaus Dodds, Joanne Sharp and Merje Kuus, forthcoming with Ashgate. I’m sceptical of the need for yet more companions, guidebooks, handbooks, etc. but this looks carefully … Continue reading

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Kentucky Social Theory lecture

The lecture was yesterday, and seemed to be well received. It was a busy day – an interview with the graduate student journal disClosure, a lunch with the faculty teaching the Social Theory seminar, the lecture itself, followed by questions, … Continue reading

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Israel’s other walls and fences

The wall/fence/barrier in the West Bank gets most of the attention, but this is an interesting video on the other boundary fences Israel is erecting, on its borders with Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and in the West Bank with Jordan.

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Quentin Meillassoux – The Number and the Siren

Meillassoux’s second book is forthcoming with Urbanomic in May, translated by Robin MacKay. Details here.  

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The Birth of Territory – University of Chicago Press, 2013

Finally got the news I’ve been waiting for – my book The Birth of Territory has just received final approval and will be published by the University of Chicago Press in 2013, hopefully in the spring. It’s been a long … Continue reading

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Dissertation/Thesis to Book

Some brief advice from publishers in this video (via the University of Minnesota Press blog) – it was from the Society of Cinema and Media Studies conference, but the advice is general:

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Bruno Latour – Enquête sur les modes d’existence

The detailed table of contents and introduction to Bruno Latour’s forthcoming book Enquête sur les modes d’existence- Une anthropologie des Modernes is available on his website. Thanks to ANTHEM for the link.

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Steve Mentz – A Poetics of Nothing

The audio for “A Poetics of Nothing: Air in the Early Modern Imagination” by Steve Mentz is available – listened to this yesterday sitting in the airport departure lounge.

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