The Birth of Territory reactions

Many thanks for all the kind words in person, by email, on the blog, or on facebook to the news about the publisher for The Birth of Territory. I also appreciated Teo Ballvé’s comments at Territorial Masquerades

One nice thing about this project has been learning about its various stages of development through his blog.  It’d be nice if more authors developed this kind of approach to producing the shiny, mystified things we call “books.” Observers can learn a lot from seeing other people’s torturous path toward the finished product.

Yes, that has been part of the idea behind this blog. Even though The Birth of Territory will be my twelfth book – the fifth authored, along with seven edited, co-edited or translated – the process is always torturous, complicated, and usually has moments (or in this case months) of doubt and uncertainty.

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2 Responses to The Birth of Territory reactions

  1. Chathan says:

    Blog aside, I think it goes without saying that much of your written essay work over the last 5-10 years seems to return to this overall genealogy of the concept of territory. From political (contemporary), historical, literary and philosophical perspectives. I’m interested in your book in part because I would like to see how you ground all these insights on the concept of territory. See how you flesh out the framework for all these articles, as well as these articles themselves. Hopefully new unpublished material too.

  2. stuartelden says:

    The vast majority of the book is new material. The table of contents on the book’s page on this blog gives that indication, as only the intro and the readings of Antigone, Kleisthenes and Beowulf draw on previously published material. There have been plenty of talks on the other material, and I’ve referred to other parts in passing in articles or chapters, but the substantive material is only in the book.

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