Fixing Cricket

In the end it took England only about an hour and a half to wrap things up. A huge margin of victory, which at lunch on Friday seemed inconceivable. But it was a strange thing to watch, and distinctly underwhelming, which after the two terrific days that came before is a terrible shame.

In common with a lot of the cricket commentators on BBC and Sky I’m feeling really angry about this. If I had to choose only one sport to follow it would be easily be cricket, and of that Test match cricket is for me by far the best form. It’s the only sport I go out of my way to try to watch. The way it has been spoiled by these events is desperate. Naturally, all the accused players are innocent until these charges are proved, but even the accusations are hugely disappointing. The only way to ‘fix’ cricket has to be permanent bans for anyone found guilty of such infringements – no second chances, no temporary bans, no reprieves.

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