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Verso e-book sale – 90% off – and my five picks

Verso have a massive e-book sale with 90% off a huge range of their books until the end of today (Friday 2 September 2016). You could pick up the new translation of Henri Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy for just £2, and all three volumes … Continue reading

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Shakespeare productions in London and Stratford (late 2016-early 2017)

An updated list of some of the productions I’m looking forward to seeing over the next few months… The Two Noble Kinsmen at the RSC. Cymbeline ‘reclaimed and renamed’ as Imogen at the Globe King Lear – Antony Sher at the RSC and Glenda Jackson … Continue reading

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Foucault: The Birth of Power cover and description (forthcoming early 2017)

Here is the cover for Foucault: The Birth of Power. The book is forthcoming in early 2017 with Polity, and the design fits with Foucault’s Last Decade which came out earlier this year. There is a lot about Foucault’s political activism in … Continue reading

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Stephen Graham, Vertical – forthcoming with Verso/Penguin

Stephen Graham’s new book, Vertical: The City from Sateillites to Bunkers, is forthcoming with Verso/Penguin-Random House. From the penthouse to the sewers—the political geography of the vertical city Vertical is a brilliant re-imagining of the world we live in. Today we … Continue reading

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Seven Things Every Scholarly Publisher Should Know about Researchers

Originally posted on The Scholarly Kitchen:
Editor’s Note: This post is a collaborative effort from Alice Meadows and Karin Wulf. Earlier this year we wrote about the “Seven Things Every Researcher Should Know about Scholarly Publishing”, one of several recent…

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Radical Philosophy 200 to be the final issue of current print edition of the journal

The end of an era – from the Radical Philosophy website. Radical Philosophy 200 (November/December 2016) will be the final issue of the current print edition of the journal. Plans are under way to relaunch Radical Philosophy in a new … Continue reading

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Deleuze seminars to be translated by Daniel Smith

Deleuze seminars to be translated by Daniel Smith. Full report here (via Graham Harman). WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A Purdue University professor of philosophy has a received $175,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to translate the seminar … Continue reading

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Martin Heidegger, The History of Beyng reviewed at NDPR

Martin Heidegger, The History of Beyng is reviewed at NDPR by Mark Wrathall. Here’s the first paragraph: This volume — a new translation of volume 69 of the Gesamtausgabe or “Complete Edition” of Heidegger’s work — consists of two distinct parts: … Continue reading

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Adam David Morton, For a Political Economy of Space and Place – video and audio

Adam David Morton’s inaugural lecture ‘For a Political Economy of Space and Place’ is available on video and audio. Under capitalism, how does the state organise space in our everyday lives through the streets we walk, the monuments we visit, and the … Continue reading

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Setha Low, Spatializing Culture: The Ethnography of Space and Place – forthcoming from Routledge

Setha Low, Spatializing Culture: The Ethnography of Space and Place – forthcoming from Routledge. This book demonstrates the value of ethnographic theory and methods in understanding space and place, and considers how ethnographically-based spatial analyses can yield insight into prejudices, … Continue reading

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