My favourite albums of 2013

People seemed to like last year’s list, so here’s another one.

I picked up a few 2012 albums early in the year, some from other people’s lists of their favourite albums. Notable among these were Thomas Koner, Novaya Zemiya; Shearwater, Animal Joy; Kreng, Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011; and Mothlite, Dark Age. The albums I liked the most of those I heard in 2013 were (unordered)…

Albums of 2013

  • Steven Wilson, The Raven That Refused to Sing and Other Stories (and the Drive Home EP)
  • The Dear Hunter, Migrant
  • Von Hertzen Brothers, Nine Lives
  • Nine Inch Nails, Hesitation Marks
  • Big Big Train, English Electric: Full Power
  • Airbag, The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Dream Theater, Dream Theater
  • Ulver with Tromsø Chamber Orchestra, Messe I.X-VI.X
  • David Bowie, The Next Day
  • Specimen 13, Echosystem EP
  • Amplifier, Echo Street
  • Bruce Soord with Jonas Renske, Wisdom of Crowds
  • The Haxan Cloak, Excavation
  • Lifesigns, Lifesigns
  • Katatonia, Dethroned and Uncrowned
  • Henry Fool, Men Singing
  • Haken, The Mountain
  • The Winery Dogs, The Winery Dogs
  • Leafblade, The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh
  • Frost, The Rockfield Files
  • Forest Swords, Engravings
  • Sigur Rós, Kveikur

And then three reissued or archive releases –

  • Yes, Close to the Edge 5.1 remaster
  • Miles Davis, Live in Europe 1969, Original Bootleg Series 2
  • King Crimson, The Road to Red
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16 Responses to My favourite albums of 2013

  1. Leo says:

    When I look at your list I think you might want to check out, Fractal Mirror’s debut album Strange Attractors. Alternative (Progressive) Rock. The album needs more listens before it unfolds.

  2. Dream Theater, Katatonia, Ulver and Haken… nice! If you haven’t already, check out Riverside, they are one of the best prog metal bands out there these days. Their new album “Shrine of New Generation Slaves” is amazing. The new Fates Warning, “Darkness In A Different Light” is also great (also check out Ray Alder’s side-project Redemption), and you’d probably also like Vulture Industries’ “The Tower”, which is more avant-garde and somewhat reminiscent of Ulver. If you go a little heavier into Opeth-esque territory, then you might like In Vain’s “Ænigma” as well. Here are some youtube links…

    Riverside –
    Vulture Industries –
    Fates Warning –
    In Vain –

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks Simon. I know Riverside (and the Lunatic Soul albums), just haven’t got the new one yet. Likewise Redemption and Fates Warning. But some good ideas here to check out.

  3. Chathan says:

    Not sure if you are a fan of the duo-band Pet Shop Boys or not. They released a new album this year – Electric. Of particular interest is the track “Love is a Bourgeois Construct.” An amusing tongue-in-cheek take on an overly academic man’s disillusionment with romance.

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