Egyptian protest planning leaflet

Bit late linking to this – it’s been around for a few days – but The Atlantic has translated some of the leaflet which makes for interesting reading – with some background in The Guardian here.

Because of the London weather just before Christmas I was only in Cairo itself for a very short while, but it’s still fascinating to watch when you know some of the places.

For interesting accounts that go beyond the mainstream media, see Juan Cole’s Informed Comment and Lenin’s Tomb. China Miéville provides some sharp comments on the attitude of the media and Western governments, interspersed with other things, here. I should also note that Graham Harman’s blog is interesting for a more personal account – he’s currently in Bombay, and unable to return home to Zamalek. He has had some interesting pieces sent by his friends, colleagues and students. US nationals are being told to leave the country, so I wish him well if he is able/choses to get back.

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