I’m leading a ‘masterclass’ workshop here at the ANU on 11 May (moved from an earlier date of 28 April), with the title of ‘World-Territory-Space’. I’m reluctant to call it a masterclass, but that’s how it’s being billed. Here’s the blurb:-

This workshop explores the interrelation of three spatial concepts – world, territory and space itself. Drawing on Stuart Elden’s earlier writings on these topics – on globalisation, the work of German philosopher Eugen Fink, debates about territory and the outline of a future book – the workshop will explore ways of thinking about these concepts. The overriding theme is that they cannot be defined in an absolute, unproblematic way, but are better approached through a series of questions that allow us to understand how they have been conceived in different times and places, and the effects these understandings have had.

The four pieces of pre-circulated reading are:-

Update – here’s the HRC webpage on this.

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