Foucault – uncollected notes, lectures and interviews, a list on Progressive Geographies

I’ve made a list of uncollected notes, lectures and interviews by Michel Foucault. Many of these have been posted on this site before, but this is an attempt at collecting details and links in one place. There are a couple of scans of hard to find material.

The four-volume Dits et écrits collects almost all the short pieces published in any language in Foucault’s lifetime.  For an English bibliography of translations of pieces in Dits et écrits, see Richard Lynch’s work (available at and updated in A Companion to Foucault). I’ve not repeated any of that information, nor listed his major works or the lecture courses.

The list is of pieces which didn’t make it into Dits et écrits, but which are available in some form. With a couple of exceptions where I can link to an online version or to correct a reference I’ve not included things in Jacques Lagrange’s ‘Complément bibliographique’ in Dits et écrits (Vol IV, 829-38).

On Foucault’s collaborative projects, see the list here; for audio and video recordings here.

Corrections and additions very welcome.

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