Audio and video recordings of Foucault – some updates to the list of those available online

untitledI’ve added a few things to the list of Foucault audio and video recordings available online. These include a 1972 interview on the re-edition of Histoire de la folie (small charge to download).

There are also five linked radio discussions with Jean Doat for L’usage de la parole on RTF. Two of these were published in 2013 and are available in English translation; the other three are available as recordings online:

  1. La folie en fête, January 7, 1963 (audio)
  2. Le silence des fous [The Silence of the Mad], January 14, 1963 (no audio; published in La grande étrangère, pp. 27-50; Language, Madness and Desire, pp. 7-24)
  3. La persécution, January 21, 1963 (audio)
  4. Le corps et ses doubles, January 28, 1963 (audio)
  5. Le language en folie [Mad Language], February 4, 1963 (no audio; published in La grande étrangère, pp. 51-70; Language, Madness and Desire, pp. 25-39)

I’ve also done a little bit of tidying up. Some of the links no longer worked, so I fixed those I could, but unfortunately some others have disappeared and I can’t find another sources for them. I’ve marked these as dead or removed, but left the original links just in case they become live again at some point.

Help with locating links to these recordings would be much appreciated; and of course if I have missed any recordings do please let me know.

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