Foucault audio files

There are audio recordings of Foucault at various places online. This post attempts to make sense of them. Comments and additions gratefully received.

update 9 Dec 2014 – see this page for a better, reorganised chronological list.

Ubuweb has the following:

‘Discourse and Truth: Parrhesia’, UC Berkeley, October 24-November 21 1983 – these were transcribed as the Fearless Speech book.

‘Truth and Subjectivity’, Howison lectures, UC Berkeley, October 20-21 1980 – not published, but later versions were given on November 17 and 24 at Dartmouth, which were published in The Politics of Truth and in Political Theory. Variants between the Berkeley and Dartmouth versions are noted.

The Culture of the Self, UC Berkeley, April 12 and 19 1983

They then have some radio broadcasts from the 1960s – on Histoire de la folieRaymond Roussel, and one from 1966 entitled ‘Le corps, lieu d’utopies’ (released on a cd in 1984 and published in the little book ‘Le Corps Utopique – Les Hétérotopies’).

There is also ’11 Conferences’ – which they claim is from 1980, but they are actually a radio piece from December 1966 also on the cd and in Le Corps Utopique – Les Hétérotopies, a variant of the second half of the ‘Of Other Spaces’ piece (more details on all this here).

The Berkeley Audio Archive has the 1980 Howison lectures, the 1983 Discourse and Truth ones, but also some seminars and discussions with Paul Rabinow. They don’t have The Culture of the Self ones linked. (btw, Alain Beaulieu has a useful account of material archived in Berkeley, both paper and audio, in Foucault Studies.)

Open Culture links to a number of these audio recordings, and also to a Youtube clip of Foucault discussing his work on the prison, from 1983 (further info on this unknown).

The Berkeley page also links to a number of audio recordings of Collège de France courses – Il faut défendre la société, 1976Sécurité, territoire, population, 1978Naissance de la biopolitique, 1979Gouvernement de soi et des autres, 1983 and Courage de la vérité, 1984. The Beaulieu article suggests they also have the 1979-80 course, De gouvernment des vivants on tape in the archive.

There is a lot catalogued at the IMEC site – archives sonaires. and INA has a recording of Jacques Chancel interviewing Foucault in 1975.

There is also the Foucault-Chomsky debate, Badiou interviewing Foucault, Foucault discussing Bachelard and various other pieces, some subtitled, on Youtube. [Thanks to Philippe Theophanidis ‏@aphelis for suggesting this one on the Archaeology of Knowledge.] This one (included in Mal Faire, Dire Vrai) is especially good:

[Clare O’Farrell linked to this one Michel Foucault : la justice et la police (video 1977)]

Any more out there?

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