Foucault’s Last Decade – third update

Foucault 3See first and second updates for background to the book I’m writing (and the brief prospectus here). Recent progress has been slower than I’d have liked, as I’m in the middle of moving home and office. Ideally I would now have moved to readings of Foucault’s 1971-72 and 1972-73 courses, but neither are yet published (the latter is due out later this year). There are some very important indications of content in the ‘Course summaries’ and in the May 1973 ‘Truth and Juridical Forms’ lectures from Rio (see my comments on the latter here). In addition an audience member’s notes of the 28th March 1973 lecture are in the Power, Truth and Strategy volume. I’ve drafted a few paragraphs on each course on the basis of these. But there is going to be so much more in the courses themselves. I don’t think there are audio recordings available in the archive for either course (the 1972-73 ones are definitely lost), but the edited courses are much better in any case. So, certainly not for the last time, I have had to leave a gap I will fill in later.

I also wrote a short bit on the three Rio lectures on medicine from October-November 1974 (which I previously discussed in Mapping the Present and a shorter piece entitled ‘Plague, Panopticon, Police‘; and say a bit more about here). They offer remarkable insights into Foucault’s seminars, rather than courses, at the Collège de France, and anticipate a number of later concerns and collaborative projects. They are the first time he talks about bio-politics, for instance, at least in currently published material.

Along the way, I made a full translation of the Manifesto of the GIP, pulled together a list of audio recordings, and made a couple of requests for help (here and here).

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