theory@buffalo theme issue on Territory and reviews of Terror and Territory

The journal theory@buffalo has a new issue on ‘Territories of Thought’. Interesting mix of papers on the theme, including papers on Heidegger, Plato and the animal. It includes a very careful and generous review essay of my Terror and Territory by Guy Witzel. The original call for the issue is here and it gives a good sense of what the aim was. You can find more about the journal here, though the site is rather out-of-date.

There is also a nice review of my book in Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, Vol XXII No II, pp. 77-78 by Mejgan Massoumi.

An in-depth analysis of the war on terror through a genealogy of territory as well as its connections to sovereignty, violence and power. As the title might indicate, the term ‘territory’ is much more complicated than it seems; and certainly after reading this book, Elden will convince you of it…

The relationship between territory and sovereignty is the real challenge of this book – and what makes Elden’s analysis particularly compelling…

Overall, Elden’s book deserves wide and careful reading. It will appeal to geographers, historians and political theorists… an important and timely book, making a strong case for the presence of territory as a continuing theme in global politics.


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