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Shakespeare’s Coriolanus – political geographies, bodies and animals

Having finished teaching, cleared a whole host of other things, got on top of journal work, put the Leibniz paper to rest, and still in limbo on another project, I was able to turn to a long-dormant idea yesterday. The … Continue reading

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Levi Bryant – The Democracy of Objects open access pdf

The html version has been available for a while, and the print book more recently, but now the pdf can be downloaded here. This is in the New Metaphysics series, edited by Bruno Latour and Graham Harman, and published by … Continue reading

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Two followups on the future of Universities

I mentioned the Qui Parle theme issue and Jeffrey Cohen’s followup yesterday. His blog has now elevated two of the best comments to posts of their own – here and here.

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Reading the Riots

The Guardian and the LSE have been doing some very important work on the English riots of the summer. The front page for all their writing on this is ‘Reading the Riots’. There is now an e-book of highlights – … Continue reading

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Qui Parle on the future of Universities

Some interesting papers in the journal Qui Parle. Jeffrey Cohen offers some additional thoughts here.

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Coriolanus and contemporary politics

Ralph Fiennes’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus is due for release in the UK early next year. It’s already out in the US. You can see a trailer here. Coriolanus is one of Shakespeare’s most political plays, and you can see … Continue reading

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Another Leibniz – paper

I think I may have finished – at least for now – my Leibniz paper. Or at least, time for some other people to see it. I’ll be giving a version of this at the AAG in February, and it will … Continue reading

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US bases and Iran

From From Democratic Underground (via Juan Cole): “Each star is a US base. But just to be clear, Iran is the one that is threatening us; we’re not threatening them.”

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Sloterdijk in English

Speaking of Sloterdijk, Sean Sturm has recently updated his very helpful bibliography of his work in English translation.

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Peter Sloterdijk’s Spherological Poetics of Being – open access

I mentioned the recently published collection In Medias Res: Peter Sloterdijk’s Spherological Poetics of Being before. Nicholas Dahmann has just informed me that as well as being available in print, it is also available as an open access e-book. thanks Nick.

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