More free papers

Another five papers I have uploaded to this site:

Elden, S. Heidegger’s Animals. Continental Philosophy Review. 2006;39:273-91.

Elden, S. Kostas Axelos and the World of the Arguments Circle. In: Bourg, J. After the Deluge: New Perspectives on Postwar French Intellectual and Cultural History of Postwar France. Lanham: Lexington Books; 2004:125-148.

Elden, S. Land, Terrain, Territory. Progress in Human Geography,. 2010;34:799-817.

Elden, S. Lefebvre and Axelos: Mondialisation before Globalisation. In: Goonewardena, K., Kipfer, S., Milgrom, R. & Schmid, C. Space, Difference, Everyday Life: Reading Henri Lefebvre. New York: Routledge; 2008:80-93.

Elden, S. Missing the point: globalization, deterritorialization and the space of the world. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. 2005;30:8-19.

The full list of everything freely available online is here.

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