Kanishka Goonewardena on Lefebvre, State, Space, World

Kanishka Goonewardena has written a review of Henri Lefebvre, State, Space, World in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (requires subscription). He begins with the ‘bad news’ that for a range of reasons Lefebvre’s De l’État is unlikely to be translated any time soon. He then discusses a range of themes in the book under review, and concludes:

In its pioneering commitment to autogestion State, Space, World challenges us to re-imagine radical politics. Lefebvre enthusiasts will also find here a rich introduction to his wide-ranging thinking, especially the distinction he made between levels (everyday, urban, global: capital and state) and scales (local, urban, national, regional, worldwide) of social totality. It is a remarkably user-friendly volume too, thanks to the insightful editorial introductions by Neil Brenner and Stuart Elden marked by an exemplary mix of readability and rigor. English readers will not derive from this collection the full benefit of studying Lefebvre’s De l’État; but they now have the best substitute to it anyone could have imagined.

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