Books received – Bataille, Bousquet, Elders, Barney & Montag (eds.), de Ipola, Venn


Georges Bataille, Une Liberté Souveraine; Antoine Bousquet, The Eye of War: Military Perception from the Telescope to the Drone; Fons Elders, Reflexive Water; Richard Barney and Warren Montag (eds.), Systems of Life: Biopolitics, Economics and Literature on the Cusp of Modernity; Emilio de Ipola, Althusser: The Infinite Farewell; Couze Venn, After Capital.

The Eye of War and After Capital were sent by the publishers, and Systems of Life was recompense for review work. The others were bought second-hand. Reflexive Water is probably best known for being the original place where the Michel Foucault-Noam Chomsky debate was published, but it also includes an interesting discussion between Henri Lefebvre and Leszek Kolakowski, and ones with Karl Popper and A.J. Ayer, among others.

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