Books received – Hegel, Skinner, Pereltsvaig and Lewis, Kant (with a grumble about books in a series)

Some books received in recompense for review work for Cambridge University Press: The first four volumes of the Cambridge Hegel Translations, Quentin Skinner’s From Humanism to Hobbes: Studies in Rhetoric and Politics, The Indo-European Controversy, and Kant’s Lectures and Drafts on Political Philosophy.

The Kant volume is, I think, the only volume of this series I didn’t have before.

I’ve grumbled before about the appearance of books in a series, which is certainly the case with the way CUP have changed the format and size of these Kant texts. The red part on the spine seems to have been short-lived, etc. The Hegel ones all look the same, but then, it’s early in that series, and surprisingly, all of these books from CUP were print on demand.

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