review of State, Space, World

There is a brief review of the Lefebvre collection State, Space, World in the new issue of Contemporary Sociology. Although the book has been out for eighteen months, this is the first review to be published to my knowledge (leaving aside a few things on websites).

Lefebvre combined an urbane realism with sociological awareness, along with a dedication to the sanest aspects of the Marxist tradition, that still makes him uniquely valuable… Originating mostly from the 70s, this essay collection covers virtually every aspect of spatiality and state-formation that one would need to know about as a sociologist, plus essays on Kostas Axelos and revolutions. It is not a simple introduction to an important thinker’s ideas, but rather a useful corollary to his earlier works in English—most of which are themselves in need of rediscovery by a new generation of urban and political theorists.


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