Beginning work on ‘The Archaeology of Foucault’

While work on The Early Foucault is just about complete, though stuck until I can get back to Paris, I’m today beginning work on ‘The Archaeology of Foucault’, the fourth and final book in this sequence. It fills in the missing years of 1962-1969, providing an intellectual history of Foucault’s entire career. During this time Foucault taught at Clermont-Ferrand, Tunis and Vincennes, and in Brazil, and while his books Birth of the ClinicThe Order of Things and The Archaeology of Knowledge are the best known outputs from this period, he did a lot of other things too. His work on literature, including the book on Raymond Roussel and lots of short pieces, and on art is also significant, and some of his lecture materials are in the process of being published. Some materials have been published already, and quite a lot is being edited. There is also a lot of unpublished material in the archive. One of the reasons for the non-chronological sequence in which I’ve written these books is the availability of materials in the archive or by publication.

More details on these books can be found here – people have seemed to like the research writing updates on the books (listed here and here), so I will continue with this one.  It’s hard to begin a new book when the last one isn’t yet complete, but next academic year at Warwick is going to be really tough, and research leave I had planned in the third term has been cancelled, so I’m going to try to make some initial progress with this over the summer months. While I can’t get to libraries just yet, and some archival work, especially in the USA, looks a long way off, I can do quite a lot with resources I have at home. I have a lot of notes from earlier work on this period, and quite a lot of draft text cut from The Early Foucault, so I’ll begin with organising that and working out where to go next.

Foucault books

There are quite a lot of Foucault resources on this site, and I expect I will add more as I do the research for this book too.

The page for this book and updates on its research is here, though not much information beyond this post just yet.

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3 Responses to Beginning work on ‘The Archaeology of Foucault’

  1. gunnar57hgp says:

    It seems to be the case that one misses a lot when not very familiar with the works by Foucault…Thanks for being stimulating, and I do remember the days I read “Archeology of knowledge ” .I try to find that volume again.
    Did Foucault have any interest in films?

  2. Clare O'Farrell says:

    Reblogged this on Foucault News.

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