A roundup of posts on time management etc.

And following that last post, a bit of a round-up of a number of posts by others on time management etc. While some of the things here are not for everyone, part of the overall motivation is to help to prioritise, to create time and space to do what is important to you, and to breathe a bit, rather than rush ‘to be productive’ or to ‘achieve more’.

Jo VanEvery has some good posts – on keeping a ‘done’ list alongside a ‘to do’ one, and balancing writing and student demands.

For longer projects, see her post on how to plan a research semester with a book under contract; or Karen Kelsky on ‘My Top Five Tips for Turning Your Dissertation Into a Book‘.

On the mechanics of doing research, Raul Pacheco-Vega is good. See, for example ‘taking notes effectively‘, ‘Processing a paper protocol‘ and ‘Starting up and maintaining an Everything Notebook‘. Also see his ‘On slow scholarship, time investments and good research‘; and ‘Strategies to sustain your research during heavy-teaching semesters‘. It was also his blog that led me to this older post on making a weekly template.

And finally, yet another one on email – Don’t Let Email Zombies Eat Up Your Day


There are lots more posts and links about writing and publishing here.

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