Terrains and Territories – Stuart Elden and Nico Buitendag discussion at Undisciplined

Terrains and Territories – Stuart Elden and Nico Buitendag discussion at Undisciplined

Many thanks to Nico for this invitation, and for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on nearly everything I’ve worked on. This is part of a series of discussions on this podcast, with geographers and theorists.

I am honoured to speak to Prof. Stuart Elden about his ground-breaking work in political geography. We talk about the concept of territory, about new ways of reading Shakespeare, and his archival work on Michel Foucault. Here is the link to Prof. Elden’s awesome blog: progressivegeographies.com/ In Undisciplined we speak to experts from all fields whose research is exciting and novel. The tone of conversation is relaxed, and is intended to stimulate and intrigue anyone who is interested in learning more about cutting-edge developments, and looking at the world in new ways.

The intro track is from my talented friend, Graeda. Check it his page too! https://soundcloud.com/graedamusic 

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