Hardt and Negri declaration

This is not a mani­festo. Mani­fes­tos provide a glimpse of a world to come and also call into being the sub­ject, who although now only a specter must mater­i­al­ize to become the agent of change. Mani­fes­tos work like the ancient proph­ets, who by the power of their vis­ion cre­ate their own people. Today’s social move­ments have reversed the order, mak­ing mani­fes­tos and proph­ets obsol­ete. Agents of change have already des­cen­ded into the streets and occu­pied city squares, not only threat­en­ing and top­pling rulers but also con­jur­ing vis­ions of a new world. More import­ant, per­haps, the mul­ti­tudes, through their logics and prac­tices, their slo­gans and desires, have declared a new set of prin­ciples and truths. How can their declar­a­tion become the basis for con­sti­tut­ing a new and sus­tain­able soci­ety? How can those prin­ciples and truths guide us in rein­vent­ing how we relate to each other and our world? In their rebel­lion, the mul­ti­tudes must dis­cover the pas­sage from declar­a­tion to constitution. [continues]

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