Mark Purcell, The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy

Mark Purcell’s new book, The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy, is now available to pre-order. It has very positive endorsements from Peter Marcuse and Susan Fainstein. The book uses Lefebvre, among others, to think about politics, the urban and democracy. Mark has been discussing this project on his blog Path to the Possible for a while but good to see it is nearly out.

PurcellArguing that the hegemony of the neoliberal/capitalist nexus must be challenged if we are to address the proliferating challenges facing our world, this inspiring book explains how democracy can revive the political fortunes of the left.

  • Explores issues central to the civil uprisings that swept the world in 2011, drawing profound connections between democracy and neoliberalism in an urban context

  • Features in-depth analysis of key political theorists such as Gramsci; Lefebvre; Rancière; Deleuze and Guattari; and Hardt and Negri

  • Advocates the reframing of democracy as a personal and collective struggle to discover the best in ourselves and others

  • Includes empirical analysis of recent instances of collective action

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3 Responses to Mark Purcell, The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy

  1. gwenkuo says:

    Nice post of Henri Lefebvre. I found it’s quite interesting to view the space through a his inspiring lenses..

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