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The Funambulist on Foucault

The Funambulist blog has been running a sequence of posts on Foucault around the body, architecture, cartography and power. Episode 1: Michel Foucault’s Architectural Underestimation Episode 2: Do not Become Enamored of Power Episode 3: “Mon Corps, Topie Impitoyable” Episode 4: The cartography of power … Continue reading

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“24hr Žižek” event

The Verso blog has a report on the “24hr Žižek event. The audio is available here – mercifully not the whole event!

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David Harvey in Athens

via the Reading Marx’s Capital blog, which also links to photos and audio.

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Graphing the History of Philosophy

Details and explanation here. Via Mark Purcell, Clive Barnett and others…

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‘To love cycling, inevitably means to love geography’

Tour de France begins in a few days… nice opening quote from the Tour director. Thanks to Franklin Ginn for the link.

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Hemming on Heidegger and Marx

Laurence Paul Hemming, Heidegger and Marx: A Productive Dialogue over the Language of Humanism, forthcoming with Northwestern University Press in early 2013. I was one of the readers of the ms. and it’s a terrific study. Here’s the blurb – the … Continue reading

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Next things to do

The manuscript for The Birth of Territory, the image files and all the permissions paperwork went to University of Chicago Press yesterday. Of course, there are still copy-editing queries, proofs, index, cover discussions, marketing questionnaires and so on to come, but … Continue reading

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Two Society and Space pieces on Sloterdijk

Over at the Society and Space open site, you can read Nigel Thrift’s (non-delivered) introduction to a recent lecture by Peter Sloterdijk at the Tate Modern. Peter Adey, Harriet Hawkins and Craig Martin then discuss the lecture itself.

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Geographers on old maps

Jeremy Crampton on an OSS map; and Clive Barnett on growing up with maps and one of South Rhodesia.

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Mayhew on Historical Geography and Intellectual History

Robert Mayhew’s review essay of some books on these topics has just appeared in Journal of Historical Geography (requires subscription). Among the books discussed is Reading Kant’s Geography. Here are a couple of excerpts discussing that book: For the present reviewer, per … Continue reading

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