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Banking across Boundaries reviewed

Review of Brett Christophers, Banking Across Boundaries, on the Society and Space open site.

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more on Critchley and Webster, The Hamlet Doctrine

The Verso blog has some more links.

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Becker and Foucault on “Crime and Punishment” with Gary Becker, François Ewald, and Bernard Harcourt. Session 2

Originally posted on Foucault News: Transcript of the Second Session can be freely downloaded here: [Note: There is a 40 second time delay (while the audio is running properly) before the video kicks in! Please be patient!] In…

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In Marx’s Laboratory – Critical Readings of the Grundrisse

Initially an expensive hardback, but paperback to follow. Edited by Riccardo Bellofiore, University of Bergamo, Italy, Guido Starosta, National University of Quilmes, Argentina, and Peter D. Thomas, Brunel University, London In Marx’s Laboratory. Critical Interpretations of the Grundrisse provides a … Continue reading

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Disclosure – issue on Security, with an interview with Jane Guyer, Stuart Elden, Russ Castronovo and Michael Hardt

The new issue of the University of Kentucky journal DisClosure is now available. It is on the theme of Security, and includes excerpts from an interview with me from when I visited UK last year, alongside contributions from Jane Guyer, … Continue reading

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Martin Heidegger, The Event reviewed by Miguel de Beistegui

Martin Heidegger, The Event is reviewed by Miguel de Beistegui at NDPR.

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The US Carceral Society Forum

A forum of papers on the US carceral society at the Society and Space open site.

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Prison Virtual Theme Issue

A virtual theme issue on prisons at the Society and Space open site (papers open access until November).

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BLDGBLOG interview with Ron Blakey

Very interesting and superbly illustrated interview at BLDGBLOG with Ron Blakey: The paleo-tectonic maps of retired geologist Ronald Blakey are mesmerizing and impossible to forget once you’ve seen them. Catalogued on his website Colorado Plateau Geosystems, these maps show the … Continue reading

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Anthropocene – New Temporalities, New Spatialities

Some interesting discussion of the RGS-IBG sessions on capitalism and the earth at Seeing the Woods.

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