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Slavoj Žižek on Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and A Clockwork Orange and So On

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A bit of the Pervert’s Guide to Ideology available on Youtube – the whole thing is interesting, but too long, somewhat repetitive and loses focus.    Biblioklept View original post

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Everyday Utopias: Cooper reviews Gardiner

Davina Cooper reviews Michael E. Gardiner’s Weak Messianism: Essays in Everyday Utopianism.

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Foucault’s Last Decade – fifth update

Having put together rough drafts of chapters 1 and 2 (see previous update), I was now able to move to the real focus of the book. But there is no simple break, and even as I go onto these chapters there … Continue reading

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Grégoire Chamayou – A Theory of the Drone forthcoming in English

Grégoire Chamayou, A Theory of the Drone is forthcoming in English translation with New Press, publication date of August 2014. It doesn’t appear on the press’s site, but is listed on various online bookstores (i.e. here). I’ve recently read the French … Continue reading

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‘Reflections on Jacoby and All That’: An Unpublished Essay by E. P. Thompson

History Workshop have made available a previously unpublished essay by E.P. Thompson here.

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Neil Brenner (ed.) Implosions/Explosions – sample pages available

Sample pages for Neil Brenner’s collection, Implosions/Explosions: Towards a Study of Planetary Urbanization are now available on the publisher’s website. In 1970, Henri Lefebvre put forward the radical hypothesis of the complete urbanization of society, a circumstance that in his view required … Continue reading

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Derrida’s seminar on The Death Penalty – volume 1 published in English

Volume 1 of Derrida’s 1999-2000 seminar on The Death Penalty has been published in English. In this newest installment in Chicago’s series of Jacques Derrida’s seminars, the renowned philosopher attempts one of his most ambitious goals: the first truly philosophical argument … Continue reading

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Antony and Cleopatra @theRSC

Last night I went to see Antony and Cleopatra at the Royal Shakespeare Company, in the smaller Swan Theatre. Despite a few fluffed lines from Jonathan Cake as Antony, it was a good production, effectively edited and reimagined in Haiti. The … Continue reading

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Campbell and Sitze, Biopolitics: A Reader – introduction available online

This looks a useful resource – Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, Biopolitics; A Reader. The introduction is available online here. This anthology collects the texts that defined the concept of biopolitics, which has become so significant throughout the humanities and social … Continue reading

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More-than-human intelligence: of dolphins, Indian law and the multispecies turn by Filippo Bertoni and Uli Beisel

A commentary on nonhuman sovereignty at the Society and Space open site.

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