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The Lancet on IMF reforms and the West African Ebola crisis

Writing today in the journal Lancet Global Health, researchers from Cambridge University’s Department of Sociology examine the links between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. According to the authors, joined by colleagues from Oxford … Continue reading

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Foucault and Iran (and Ernst Bloch) – an August 1979 interview newly available in French

Thanks to a reader who wishes to remain anonymous for sending me these details of an interview with Foucault about Iran conducted in August 1979, which was first published in French in 2013. I’ve stumbled upon an interview with Foucault from this era … Continue reading

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Foucault and Simeon Wade – and the elusive ‘Chez Foucault’ publication

Last week I posted about Time magazine’s profile of Foucault from 1981. The piece included this photograph: James Miller‘s biography of Foucault says that this picture was of Simeon Wade, and Wade’s friend ‘Michael’ (The Passion of Michel Foucault, pp. 437-8 n. 1). … Continue reading

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Theories and counter-theories of the drone

Originally posted on geographical imaginations:
I expect many readers will know Patrick Crogan‘s Gameplay mode: war, simulation and technoculture (Minnesota, 2011).  He has now uploaded what I think is a draft of Drones and global technicity: automation and (dis)individuation at academia.  Here’s…

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Foucault’s Last Decade – Update 16

I have now a complete draft of Chapter Eight, but this has partly been achieved by moving discussion of the final two volumes of the History of Sexuality into the next chapter. The main thing I’ve accomplished is typing up … Continue reading

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Étienne Balibar discusses Foucault’s La société punitive, with a response from Judith Butler

Étienne Balibar discusses Foucault’s La société punitive and his relation to Marx, with a response from Judith Butler. Audio files available here, via Multipliciudades. For his lecture “Foucault and Marx: A Disjunctive Synthesis?”, Étienne Balibar discusses connections and disjunctions between Michel Foucault … Continue reading

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Marijn Nieuwenhuis, ‘The Terror in the Air’ at Open Democracy

My Warwick colleague Marijn Nieuwenhuis has a new piece entitled ‘The Terror in the Air‘ at Open Democracy. The ranges from Beijing pollution to tear gas, and Eric Garner to Peter Sloterdijk.

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Michel Foucault: The Late Lectures (2014)

Originally posted on Foucault News: Michel Foucault: The Late Lectures Columbia Maison Française November 7, 2014, a panel discussion with Seyla Benhabib, François Ewald, Bernard E. Harcourt, George Kateb, and Emmanuelle Saada. In his late Collège de France lectures,…

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Foucault and Neoliberalism – the debate continues (on Progressive Geographies)

There are some interesting comments on last week’s thoughts on the Foucault and Neoliberalism debate – here. In particular the points made by Stephen Shapiro and Michael Behrent are worth reading – both are situating the discussion within a wider … Continue reading

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Top posts on Progressive Geographies this week

The Foucault and neoliberalism debate dominated this week – with my response the most popular post on this site in some time. Foucault and Neoliberalism – a few thoughts in response to the Zamora piece in Jacobin Stuart Elden on … Continue reading

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