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Foucault Studies No 26 published, including a 1967 Foucault interview on Nietzsche (all open access)

Foucault Studies No 26 is now published (open access) It contains an interview between Foucault and Jacqueline Piatier ‘On Nietzsche‘ from 1967, a number of book reviews, and these articles. Altering absence: From race to empire in readings of Foucault Claire … Continue reading

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22 tips for writing academic cvs and covering letters

Originally posted on visual/method/culture:
One of the things that’s kept me from my blog in the past year or so – apart from moving jobs and cities and leading an eight-person research team – is that I’ve sat…

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The case against Woodrow Wilson, after 100 years

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
This guest post is a collective statement, written by Philip Conway in consultation with several other current and former PhD candidates at the Aberystwyth University Department of International Politics. It is co-signed by…

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‘Tripping his brains out’ – Foucault in California reviewed in the TLS (and a clarification on chronology)

‘Tripping his brains out‘ – Simeon Wade’s memoir Foucault in California is reviewed in the TLS. The piece generously quotes my work in Foucault’s Last Decade. But there is one key problem to the idea that this experience changed the course of … Continue reading

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Achille Mbembe, The Idea of a Borderless World

Achille Mbembe, The Idea of a Borderless World As the 21st century unfolds, a global renewed desire from both citizens and their respective states for a tighter control of mobility is evident. Wherever we look, the drive is towards enclosure, … Continue reading

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Catherine M. Soussloff: Foucault on Painting (2019)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
Catherine M. Soussloff discusses her book Foucault on Painting, This Is Not A Pipe Podcast, April 25, 2019 Catherine M. Soussloff discusses her book Foucault on Painting with Chris Richardson. Soussloff, Professor of Art History, Visual…

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