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Books received – Macherey, Kurlander, Vuillerod, Kristeva, Vernant, Benveniste, Trubetzkoy, Dumézil

A mix of second-hand books, mostly for the new project on Indo-European thought in France, along with a copy of Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod, La naissance de l’anti-hégélianisme: Louis Althusser et Michel Foucault, lecteurs de Hegel, and another volume of the Théorie series, Pierre Macherey, … Continue reading

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Mark G.E. Kelly, Normal Now: Individualism as Conformity – Polity, March 2022

Mark G.E. Kelly, Normal Now: Individualism as Conformity – Polity, March 2022 This is a book about what we consider normal. It details how the very concept of normality emerged in the modern era, and how it has changed over … Continue reading

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Louis Althusser’s Théorie series at François Maspero – list of published volumes and English translations

In the 1960s and 1970s Louis Althusser edited a series at the radical publisher François Maspero. Many of the books published were by his former students including Pierre Macherey, Étienne Balibar, Alain Badiou, Emmanuel Terray and others. There were some … Continue reading

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Originally posted on andy merrifield:
100 years ago, in Paris, February 2nd, James Joyce celebrated his fortieth birthday by raising a glass (or two…) to Ulysses, his great epic novel, launched into the world in all its full, if later revised,…

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’Message ou bruit?’ Resituating a short text by Foucault on medicine

I’ve mentioned before how Dits et écrits, which is an excellent collection, can sometimes decontextualise a piece by Foucault, making it hard to see why it was written. Tracking down the original publication of pieces can often be difficult but is … Continue reading

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