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Harman, Clough, Masciandaro audio

Graham Harman’s talk to Speculative Medievalisms is now available, along with Patricia Clough’s response and Nicola Masciandaro’s closing comments. You can stream or download the audio here. Eileen Joy provides some background and links to the earlier talks here.

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Roundup – Sebald, Books, Speculative Realist Literary Criticism, Occupy Wall Street, Zizek on TV

Some interesting stuff I’ve recently come across… A retrospective ten years after W.G. Sebald’s death in The Times Higher Education (via Continental Philosophy). Interesting reading, especially on his resistance to the bureaucratisation of higher education. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen offers some interesting … Continue reading

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Speculative Medievalisms book

Details here of the book following the two conferences – should be good.

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Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects

I mentioned the conference of this name before, and linked to audio recordings (here, here and here); now the book is coming out with Oliphaunt Books, an impress of Punctum Books. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen is the editor and posts more details here. … Continue reading

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Weird Tools and Strange Investigations – call for papers

Preternature 2.1 : Weird Tools and Strange Investigations Objects of all sorts have a long history of serving as bridges to the preternatural world, whether that be in terms of some intrinsic power, or as things possessed or haunted. The … Continue reading

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Foucault, Fossils and Leibniz

Three good days in the British Library rare books room. First up was Daniel Defert, Philippe Artières, Laurent Quéro and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel, Le groupe d’information sur les prisons: Archives d’une lutte, 1970-1972, so that I can offer some thoughts on … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Jerome Cohen on Writing

Posts I’ve made on writing, i.e. here and here, have received some of the most attention of any on this blog. So people may find Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s post on writing useful. Lots of examples, good advice, and personal recollections.

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Speculative Medievalisms II

Speculative Medievalisms II, with some excellent speakers (Graham Harman, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Patricia Clough etc.), is to be held in New York at the CUNY Graduate Center on September 16th. I wish I could be there, as the first was excellent (see … Continue reading

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Very interesting interview with Jeffrey Jerome Cohen here. Beowulf and Grendel; why ‘speculative realism’ is more use for medieval studies than Agamben; race, gender, nationalism; and contemporary politics like the ‘war on terror’. Over at the Society and Space blog, Bradley … Continue reading

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New books

A whole big pile of books arrived over the last few months while I’ve been away. Some of them are ones I have chapters in; one I endorsed; most are ones I asked for in recompense for review work; some … Continue reading

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