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John Agnew review of Stephen Legg (ed.) Spatiality, Sovereignty and Carl Schmitt

John Agnew reviews Stephen Legg (ed.) Spatiality, Sovereignty and Carl Schmitt: Geographies of the Nomos in Progress in Human Geography – here (requires subscription).

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Books received

The Korean translation of Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis (including my introduction from the English translation); Jacob Taubes, To Carl Schmitt; Richard J. Bernstein’s Violence; and the 2013 diary from Passia, with a wealth of maps, information and data on Palestine, along with … Continue reading

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Taubes-Schmitt correspondence

To Carl Schmitt: Letters and Reflections by Jacob Taubes translated by Keith Tribe and with an introduction by Mike Grimshaw, has just been published by Columbia University Press. The announcement on the AUFS blog has a discount code.

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Rory Rowan’s PhD thesis on Carl Schmitt

Rory Rowan’s recently passed PhD thesis, The Crisis of Political Form: The Question of Space in the Work of Carl Schmitt, is available online.

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Earth – rethinking geopolitics

Here’s my abstract for CityState: A Lexical Workshop later this year in Tel Aviv: Earth Geopolitics has, today, become effectively a synonym for global politics. Armchair strategists still come up with grand plans for understanding and changing the world; critical geopolitics … Continue reading

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Schmitt in France – Jean-François Kervégan

Actu Philosophia has a piece on one of France’s main Carl Schmitt commentators, Jean-François Kervégan.

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Peter Gratton – Spinoza and the Biopolitical Roots of Modernity audio available

The audio recording of Peter Gratton’s talk ‘Spinoza and the Biopolitical Roots of Modernity’ at UWS is now available (from here, via’s Peter’s blog). Abstract: Much has been written about bio-political sovereignty in the wake of Giorgio Agamben’s work, which relies, … Continue reading

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Heidegger and Schmitt correspondence (again)

Twenty-five years after they first published it, Telos are again highlighting the letter Martin Heidegger sent to Carl Schmitt in August 1933. The point of the letter was to thank Schmitt for sending a copy of The Concept of the … Continue reading

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Christaller and Nazism

Jeremy Crampton has an interesting post at Open Geography about the links between Walter Christaller and Nazism. It begins with a link to an important paper by Trevor Barnes and Claudio Minca on Christaller and Carl Schmitt forthcoming in the Annals of … Continue reading

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Mitchell Dean reviews Agamben, The Kingdom and the Glory

Mitchell Dean, “Governmentality Meets Theology: ‘The King Reigns, but He Does Not Govern’”, Theory, Culture & Society, May 2012 vol. 29 no. 3 145-158 (requires subscription; via Foucault News). A detailed review with some close discussion of the relation of … Continue reading

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