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Roundup – Sebald, Books, Speculative Realist Literary Criticism, Occupy Wall Street, Zizek on TV

Some interesting stuff I’ve recently come across… A retrospective ten years after W.G. Sebald’s death in The Times Higher Education (via Continental Philosophy). Interesting reading, especially on his resistance to the bureaucratisation of higher education. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen offers some interesting … Continue reading

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Roundup – St. Paul, Heidegger, Peter Gratton, Thinking Nature, Levi Bryant

Since I arrived in Nigeria on Wednesday evening, internet access has been a bit erratic. Will hopefully post something about being here soon. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of interesting stuff out there. Adam Kotsko makes the suggestion of … Continue reading

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Levi Bryant interview

A very revealing interview over at New APPS… Update: There is another new interview with him at Figure/Ground.

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Miéville and Bryant

Interesting review of China Miéville’s The City and the City in The Boston Review (via Crooked Timber). Levi Bryant discusses his next book project The Domestication of Humans: A Prolegomena to Posthumanist Sociology, here. The link? Both touch on themes I … Continue reading

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Harman and Bryant cover images

Speaking of cover images, Levi Bryant posts some wonderful artwork that will be used for his and Graham Harman’s new books here.

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Larval Subjects on Spatio-Temporal Cartographies

Levi Bryant gives a hint of where his work might go next here. From the post it’s clear his book The Democracy of Objects is just about done, and he’s now thinking about space and time. He mentions a few … Continue reading

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