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The Early Foucault Update 22: Acéphale, Critique, Foucault’s thesis, Uppsala, Sussex

In the second half of term I felt I made little progress, but have done a little reading and research in and around teaching, marking, meetings and other tasks. I did write the Introduction to a translation, which should be … Continue reading

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Deleuze seminars – some more translated into English

Some more of Deleuze’s seminars have been translated into English – details here, and more are forthcoming. Ones currently available include lectures on Anti-Oedipus, Spinoza, painting, and Foucault. The site has the French text and audio as well as the … Continue reading

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Book censorship in Turkey including Althusser, Spinoza and Camus

Thanks to G.M. Goshgarian for bringing this to my attention – Books come under suspicion in post-coup Turkey. This obviously needs to be seen in the wider context of Turkish politics, but seems indicative of what is being reported about academics … Continue reading

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Althusser, Spinoza and Revolution in Philosophy: An Interview with Warren Montag

Althusser, Spinoza and Revolution in Philosophy: An Interview with Warren Montag in Salvage. A fascinating discussion of Althusser, Jonathan Swift, Pierre Macherey, Adam Smith and others.

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The Arts of Spinoza + Pacific Spinoza, Auckland, 26-28 May 2017

The Arts of Spinoza + Pacific Spinoza Interstices Under Construction symposium, 26-28 May 2017 Auckland University of Technology and University of Auckland, New Zealand Plenaries / keynotes include: Moira Gatens, Challis Professor of Philosophy, University of Sydney Michael LeBuffe, Baier Chair, Early Modern … Continue reading

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Reading the Classics of Western Philosophy

List below and survey here. The queston asked is how many of these have you read. And the whole of these books, not some, not an abbreviated form. I’m claiming 18 of these, and bits, sometimes substantial, of others. Never read any Sidgwick, Moore, … Continue reading

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John Protevi on ‘How to begin reading Deleuze’

John Protevi offers some good advice at New APPS. He starts with Deleuze’s book Spinoza: Practical Philosophy and then offers suggestions for primary and secondary literature.

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Peter Gratton – Spinoza and the Biopolitical Roots of Modernity audio available

The audio recording of Peter Gratton’s talk ‘Spinoza and the Biopolitical Roots of Modernity’ at UWS is now available (from here, via’s Peter’s blog). Abstract: Much has been written about bio-political sovereignty in the wake of Giorgio Agamben’s work, which relies, … Continue reading

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Political Theology and Early Modernity

Interesting looking collection edited by Graham Hammill and Julia Reinhard Lupton, with a postface by Etienne Balibar. Political theology is a distinctly modern problem, one that takes shape in some of the most important theoretical writings of the twentieth and … Continue reading

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Macherey, Hegel or Spinoza – panel discussion

The discussion of Pierre Macherey, Hegel or Spinoza at the Association of American Geographers included Keith Woodward, Susan Ruddick, Stuart Elden, Vinay Gidwani, and Warren Montag. You can find the audio recording here. I’ve posted the following before, but you can read a … Continue reading

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