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Another Leibniz – audio and slides

I’ve put the audio recording of my AAG talk on Leibniz together with the powerpoint slides, and uploaded it to youtube. I had to re-record the first minute as the recording of that was incomplete, so apologies for the transition … Continue reading

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New York talks

Off to New York, probably my favourite city. Three talks over the next few days… 24-25 February 2012 – “The Geopolitics of King Lear: Territory, Land, Earth”, Anachronic Shakespeare conference, Poetics and Theory program, New York University 27 February 2012 … Continue reading

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The Continuum Companion to Leibniz reviewed

The Continuum Companion to Leibniz is reviewed at NDPR – the whole review is open access, so will only quote a couple of telling lines: On the whole, the volume is of exceptional quality. Each and every article represents an … Continue reading

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Another Leibniz – paper

I think I may have finished – at least for now – my Leibniz paper. Or at least, time for some other people to see it. I’ll be giving a version of this at the AAG in February, and it will … Continue reading

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Leibniz, historian

The last couple of days at the British Library have mainly been looking at Leibniz’s work as a historian. He was employed by the Duke of Hanover as a librarian, and tasked with writing the family history. He kept going … Continue reading

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If you have a spare $5000

A first edition of the Protogaea is for sale here.

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Leibniz: Unicorn or Goat?

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A book reading meme

A book meme I took from Rob Kitchin’s The View from the Blue House. I’ve largely answered in relation to non-academic reading… The book I’m currently reading? Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood The last book I finished? Thaisa Frank, Heidegger’s Glasses … Continue reading

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Leibniz and geography

Despite my Shakespearean distractions at the weekend, I had some time late last week and today to return to the ‘Another Leibniz’ paper I last worked on properly in September. The paper is something of a survey of Leibniz’s non-standard … Continue reading

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End of October

October has been a slog. I’ve now done half of my teaching for this academic year. In one month. Okay, this means that the rest of the year is going to be relatively easy on that front, but naturally there … Continue reading

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