Disappointment or relief?

Cameron is now certain to be Prime Minister, and probably very soon. It may not be a bad thing for Labour to regroup in opposition under a new leader. It will be interesting to see how long a Conservative-Liberal Democrat deal can actually last – lots of MPs and lots of party members, on both sides, are going to be pretty annoyed by the compromises made.

Perhaps the biggest worry is that the way this has played out is likely to be used as an argument against a more proportional voting system. While there may be a referendum, there is no way the Tories are actually going to campaign for change; Labour won’t feel that its necessarily in its interests; and the Lib Dems could be very isolated.

Nobody has really come out of this with credit. Cameron really should have won clearly, given the circumstances. Clegg didn’t deliver on the/his own hype, and these negotiations haven’t done him many favours. Labour lost several seats, but did less badly than expected. But given the choices ahead, Labour may well be relieved to be out of it.

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