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Labour leadership election

Miliband, Miliband, Balls… and no Cruddas… very disappointing and representing a tiny part of the political spectrum within the party. John McDonnell wants to stand, but the Labour party electoral system means he has to get 34 MPs to nominate … Continue reading

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Tordesillas, Territory, Topology

A few days ago I wrote about the struggles I was having with chapter eight of my ‘history of territory’ book. I have sections on ‘The Politics of the Reformation’ and on the New World which need further work before being … Continue reading

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South Atlantic claims

My colleagues in the International Boundaries Research Unit at Durham have produced some remarkable maps showing the rival UK and Argentine claims in the South Atlantic, which include but exceed the Falklands/Malvinas… You can find a briefing and the maps here  There … Continue reading

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New York Times and philosophy

Given the previous discussion of analytic/continental philosophies, it may be of interest that the New York Times has launched a philosophy blog… The first post is by Simon Critchley, who will also serve as moderator. Brian Leiter has already responded in … Continue reading

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Tariq Ali and Citizenship without Community – audio files

Tariq Ali’s speech at Middlesex yesterday is available as an audio file – Kentucky Fried Education this site also has the audio files from the Citizenship without Community conference held last week

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Letter to Middlesex

From: Stuart Elden Sent: Sun 16/05/2010 08:08 To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cc: … Continue reading

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“the occupation is over, the campaign continues”

Peter Hallward reports on the situation at Middlesex

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Don’t judge a book by its covers…

I am not sure what is going on here. I’ve just found – on Amazon – both these images. The one on the left is the actual book cover; the one on the right I’ve never seen before. Leaving aside … Continue reading

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Red Pepper on Middlesex

Jeremy Gilbert in Red Pepper on the Middlesex situation About a month ago I was chatting to a friend, and happened to mention the vague rumours I’d heard that Middlesex University, North London, was on the point of closing its … Continue reading

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Analytic/continental philosophy, political theory and geography

Graham Harman has written on the analytic/continental ‘divide’ in philosophy, through a reading of Brentano here. Levi Bryant has an interesting reply here. I’ve never had an official position in philosophy, apart from a three month visiting research post in … Continue reading

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