Letter to Middlesex

From: Stuart Elden
Sent: Sun 16/05/2010 08:08
To: michael@partridges.org.uk; A.Gajownik@mdx.ac.uk; A.Durant@mdx.ac.uk; thelindens@googlemail.com; andrew.parsons@rlb-law.com; avrobinson1@tiscali.co.uk; l_spence1@sky.com; Bridget.Rulski@guardian.co.uk; colin.hughes@guardian.co.uk; T.Cockerton@mdx.ac.uk; P.A.Johnson@mdx.ac.uk; jritterman@blueyonder.co.uk; dinagray@btinternet.com; j.alleyne@mdx.ac.uk; geoff.lambert2@ntlworld.com; W.Ahmad@mdx.ac.uk; J.Compton-Bishop@mdx.ac.uk; j.mulroy1@btinternet.com; K.A.Bell@mdx.ac.uk; lorna.cocking@btinternet.com; M.House@mdx.ac.uk; M.Keen@mdx.ac.uk; m.driscoll@mdx.ac.uk; PeterCheeseman1@aol.com; Peter.Thomas2@justice.gsi.gov.uk; RS1000@live.mdx.ac.uk; stephen.hand@lr.org; s.knight@mdx.ac.uk; T.Kelly@mdx.ac.uk; T.Butland@mdx.ac.uk; e.esche@mdx.ac.uk
Cc: savemdxphil@gmail.com
Subject: Injunction

Dear Governors and Senior Managers at Middlesex  

How disappointing that you have resorted to legal means to address the situation at your university. While clearer communication and negotiation could have prevented this in the first place, and continued discussions brought this to a different conclusion, you have turned to threats to clear the immediate situation. The occupation of Mansion house is over, so you have achieved a short-term aim.  

However it is clear that Middlesex University’s reputation has been severely damaged, perhaps irrevocably, by your management style. I cannot remember a situation like this where the national and international outrage has been so strongly felt. Your decisions alone were bad enough, but your recent actions have compounded them.  

I understand that the campaign against your decision will continue. I will be pleased to give it what support and publicity I can.  

Yours sincerely,  

Stuart Elden    

Professor Stuart Elden, Geography Department, Durham University

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