Zizek at the LSE

Then for a bit of light relief I went to hear Zizek talk at the L.S.E. He really is a captivating speaker. It was about his new book Living in the End Times, but there were so many digressions and jokes and stories that he read relatively little of what looked like a long paper. In some ways all for the good– he is much better like that than reading. He can be very funny. But he also said something very interesting about the way he was rather tired of all this communist stuff, and that at the moment his real love was a long manuscript he was writing on Hegel. This is apparently already 700 pages, and he said a little about it in questions—he wants to argue for a materialist reading of Hegel; it discusses the notion of the ‘rabble’; and it fits with his long standing attempt to reverse Marx’s eleventh thesis on Feuerbach. At the end he said he’d like to come back next year and have a proper and more serious discussion of that, with less jokes. Part of this seemed very sincere, and that he feels a bit trapped by the persona he has created for himself, and the situation he finds himself in as such an intellectual star (a 400 seat room, plus two overspill rooms with video link, plus people turned away, apparently). Yet he could have given a much more serious lecture tonight if he was genuinely trying to achieve that.

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5 Responses to Zizek at the LSE

  1. Clare says:

    This recent interview with Zizek in The Observer might be of interest as well along the same lines http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2010/jun/27/slavoj-zizek-living-end-times

    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks Clare – yes, it is interesting, but whether he actually follows up on this wish will be worth watching…

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