New Heidegger books

Continuum are publishing a translation of Phenomenology of Intuition and Expression – details here. That’s volume 59 of the Gesamtausgabe.

Klostermann have announced that the next two volumes of the Gesamtausgabe to be published will be volumes 74 and 78. 74 is Zum Wesen der Sprache und Zur Frage nach der Kunst, and offers unpublished writings that led up to the On the Way to Language collection. 78 is Der Spruch des Anaximander and is obviously linked to Heidegger’s later essay on Anaximander, but at 354 pages, there is going to be a lot of previously unseen material. Whether either of these will offer much new is uncertain, but I tend to agree with Graham Harman here that we have passed the point of anything much of fundamental insight.

I subscribe to the Gesamtausgabe, so I’ll be getting these at some point. But I’ve not read anything of Heidegger since I finished the ms. of Speaking Against Number  the “Heidegger’s Animals” paper was written from notes I took at that time. I suspect one day I’ll go back to this, but for the moment I don’t think that I have anything new to say about Heidegger…

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