Radical Philosophy Association conference

The Radical Philosophy Association conference will be held in Eugene, Oregon between November 11-14, 2010. The session that Marie-Eve Morin, Peter Gratton and I proposed on ‘Violence and World’ has now been accepted.

 This panel discussion explores the relation between world and violence. How does violence relate to the world? Does it make sense to speak of a violent world or a world of violence? Is the violence a process directed toward the world, or the things that constitute it, or is violence inherent in the world or particular ways of grasping the world? Is the world itself violent? Is the violence to be understood in terms of brute force or some other degree? How does violence work in different ways at different scales or levels?

A number of recent European philosophers have provided conceptual tools to make sense of these questions, or directly discussed such issues. This would include such figures as Lefebvre, Derrida, Nancy, Malabou and Sloterdijk. What elements of their work would help to address these concerns? The session will also seek to relate such issues to contemporary concerns around terrorism, war, and capitalism, especially to the claim that there is no alternative to capitalism today.

Should be really interesting, at least for me: I’ve never been to Oregon, and never met Marie-Eve or Peter.

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