Roundup – Heidegger, Mièville, Cycle Maps and Badiou

A new book on Heidegger, space and sculpture is coming out. Details here (thanks to Paul Ennis at Another Heidegger Blog for the tip). And I note that Being and Truth, a translation of the lectures from 1933 and 1934 that appear in Gesamtausgabe Vol 36/37 are coming out later this year. There is some pretty unpleasant stuff in there.

An interesting interview with China Mièville here.

A really good map tool for cyclists here. Several things in it that are really helpful – the ability to use Google maps alongside Ordnance Survey, to see elevation and grade detail, and to upload and download routes to gps devices.

Badiou’s The Communist Hypothesis looks like it is finally coming out. His earlier New Left Review piece of the same title is here. But how are these for ridiculous backcover blurbs?

“A figure like Plato or Hegel walks here among us!”—Slavoj Žižek

“In sum, a heartless bastard.”—New Republic

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