Publishing workshop

Back in Durham for three days. Yesterday, Alec Murphy from the University of Oregon and I led a workshop on publishing for early-career researchers. The idea was that as editors of journals, Alec and I could offer some insight and advice into the process and things not to do. It wasn’t from the perspective of publishing our own work. It seemed to go well. I’ve done similar workshops in Singapore and at Queen Mary when Alec and I were both visitors there in 2009.

Today and tomorrow is a two day workshop on territoriality, inspired in part by the work of the Swiss geographer Claude Raffestin. Alec is here for that, along with a number of other speakers.

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4 Responses to Publishing workshop

  1. Serafini says:

    Thank you for this great blog and for the regularity of your posts. Will the presented papers be downloadable from somewhere? Thank you in advance.

  2. stuartelden says:

    Do you mean from the Raffestin workshop? If so, then the idea is that some of the papers appear as a theme section of the journal Society and Space. The talks Alec and I gave at the publishing workshop were entirely (Alec) or partly (me) improvised, and the core of the event was the question/answer/discussion part. But I can post some of my general comments if there is interest.
    Thanks for the kind words about the blog generally.

  3. Serafini says:

    Thank you Stuart,

    Many thanks for your kind and timely reply to my query. I look (very much) forward to reading the Raffestin workshop papers in the Society and Space journal. If you have a copy of your improvised words in digital form or have an interest in posting segments of the question/answer/discussion part here, I (among many others, I am sure) would be more than interested in reading them.

    Also looking very much forward to reading your upcoming book “The Birth of Territory”. Will you include Hippodamus in your book and/ or discuss oriental forms of spatial organisations (eg. Kaogongji)?

    • stuartelden says:

      I’ve posted some thoughts on publishing as a separate post. Hope they are helpful.
      As for the territory book, Hippodamus possibly, but the book has a European focus so there will be only margin references to spaces outside.

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