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Territoriality workshop day 2

Four more very interesting papers today. I was particularly struck by the paper by Claudio Minca that situated Raffestin within debates in Italian geography. Although Raffestin is Swiss, he publishes in Italian (as well as French) and has played an … Continue reading

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Foucault Studies issue 9 published

New issue of the journal here

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Territoriality workshop day 1

End of the first day of the Territoriality/Raffestin workshop. Papers by Alec Murphy, myself, Jean Ruegg, Mike Heffernan and Juliet Fall. There was also a discussion session led by Elena dell’Agnese around three pieces of Raffestin’s work. The workshop was … Continue reading

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Geographies of Rhythm

I did some review work for Ashgate, and one of the books I ordered in recompense was Tim Edensor (ed.), Geographies of Rhythm: Nature, Place, Mobilities and Bodies. It’s a collection of essays in part inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s book … Continue reading

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Publishing workshop

Back in Durham for three days. Yesterday, Alec Murphy from the University of Oregon and I led a workshop on publishing for early-career researchers. The idea was that as editors of journals, Alec and I could offer some insight and … Continue reading

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Hacking in Holland

Ian Hacking is due to give the René Descartes lectures in Tilburg, 6-8 October 2010. Details here.

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Peace of Nijmegen

 Some photographs from the museum…

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Scu on Esposito; Harman on Meillassoux

Scu at Critical Animal has a discussion of Roberto Esposito, Terza persona. Esposito’s book Bios was translated a few years ago, and his Communitas at the end of last year. Over at Object-Orientated Philosophy, Graham makes a few comments about … Continue reading

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Enough already

With the Foucault endorsement I’ve now cleared the last review task outstanding. Counting journal articles, book manuscripts and proposals, promotions, and grants, I’ve done 27 reviews of some kind in 2010. (This doesn’t include anything related to the journal I edit.) That’s probably … Continue reading

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Foucault, The Courage of Truth

Although I’d read the French lectures, and probably could have written the endorsement for the English translation anyway, I did ask for the ms. and have now finished reading it. It’s a very good translation – again by Graham Burchell. … Continue reading

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