Wu Ming 1 on Foucault in Iran

Find it here. Two excerpts…

In October 1978, Michel Foucault (hereafter cited as MF) visited Iran. The country was already shaken by street protests against the Shah. The regime was brutally repressing demonstrations, with the only result of strengthening the people’s determination. The overthrow of Reza Pahlavi looked imminent, many felt that a revolution was around the corner, but nobody knew what revolution it would be. In those autumn days the rallying cries were few, focused and clear; all political movements and social classes converged into a single, urgent request: «Down with the Shah!». There were already some who demanded an “Islamic government”, but the Ayatollah Khomeini was still in exile in Paris, and the movement was manifold and “in fusion”…

The period of MF’s enthusiasm for the Iranian revolution is the most notorious in his biography, and has attracted much criticism. Yet, in comparison with the way many European leftists described that event, always forcing it into pre-existing conceptual frameworks (Marxist-Leninist, anti-imperialist ones), MF’s “blunders” look almost negligible. In his articles (this should be noted: they were pieces written in the spur of the moment, not carefully reasoned essays), MF approached the Iranian revolution in its singularity, investigating its being different from any known revolutionary event…

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