Books – availability

Terror and Territory has now been out for a year, and is into its second printing. Despite how the Continuum website portrays my Mapping the Present and Understanding Henri Lefebvre, the books are not out of print, but out of stock. They are moving to a print-on-demand basis, so should be available again soon. In other words, if you did want a copy, don’t pay the stupidly inflated prices on Amazon marketplace. I think Amazon has a problem with listing print-on-demand books so even when Continuum have them back available this is likely to continue.

The edited/translated books all seem to be in print. The Lefebvre ones all continue to sell, but Rhythmanalysis has sold by far the most, and that was the one Gerald Moore and I took a flat fee for… State, Space, World and Terror and Territory are now also available on Kindle, which is a first for me. Speaking Against Number languishes in an expensive hardback, with no prospect of a paperback edition – I’ve tried. EUP changed their mind about the book while it was in press – switching from hardback/paperback to hardback only. They then put the price so high there was never a realistic possibility of shifting enough to ‘justify’ a paperback. But there is an electronic version available on pirate sites (or if you ask nicely).

Full publications details can be found here.

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