Graham Harman writing news

He reports here how he’s finished the book on Meillassoux, has a new piece in Cosmos and History, and talks about where he is going next:

My next book project, which I cannot begin until the January holiday period, will be Treatise on Objects, though please don’t be misled by the title: it will be at least as unorthodox as Circus Philosophicus. I’ll write the Lovecraft book during the summer.

And I thought I was productive. I’ve read Circus Philosophicus and although I confess to not being completely convinced by the project it is a bold and unorthodox book, no doubt about it. And it’s a fun read. The piece in Cosmos and History is open access and available here. It’s title is ‘Time, Space, Essence, and Eidos: A New Theory of Causation’. In tone and argument it’s much closer to L’objet quadruple which will be out in English next year. It would be interesting to put Graham’s ideas on space and time (and the addition of essence and eidos) into dialogue with some of the philosophers thinking about issues around space and place, like Ed Casey and Jeff Malpas, and the geographers working on the theories and philosophies of their subject. Hopefully one day.

Update: via Speculative Heresy, the news that Collapse volume III is now available free online here. It has the transcript of the original Speculative Realism conference, including Harman and Meillassoux, plus another Meillassoux translation and one by Deleuze.

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