Brenner and Elden on Lefebvre, now in Italian

The piece Neil Brenner and I wrote on Lefebvre – “Henri Lefebvre on State, Space, Territory”, International Political Sociology, Vol 3 No 4, 2009, pp. 353–377 – has now been translated into Italian – “Stato, Spazio e Territorio”, translated by Pasquale Alferj, Dialoghi Internazionali, No 14, 2010, pp. 140-67. You can find the English original here. This issue of Dialoghi Internazionali also has a piece by Franco Farinelli that discusses Lefebvre, and also my Terror and Territory book. Many thanks to Pasquale for the effort of translation – the piece in question came out of the work Neil and I did translating Lefebvre, and I know just how much effort is involved.

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