A busy week

Gave a workshop on publishing with graduate students in geography at University of Washington on Monday, plus a few follow-up meetings. I was invited to come to a class in the Geopolitics course at UW, where the students had been reading my Terror and Territory, for a question and answer session. Then a trip to the University of Victoria to have a discussion over some of my more recent conceptual and historical work on territory. Tomorrow I move onto Vancouver for the weekend. I’m giving a talk at University of British Columbia on Tuesday and have meetings there on Monday with Jamie Peck and Trevor Barnes to discuss the Environment and Planning volumes we are doing for Sage.

In between I’m still working on Chapter Four, which is coming together slowly. The special collections library at University of Washington has some very interesting things, and some books I struggled to find in London are here. So I found a copy of the 1551 edition of Baldus de Ubaldis’s commentary on Gregory IX’s Decretales, which enabled me to finalise a few references. This one has been causing problems for some time. Also dealing with a huge amount of journal work. 218 submissions so far this year, which is a substantial increase on last.

But the talk at UBC is the last speaking commitment of 2010. The next ones are in Australia in the new year.

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